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The decoration is of a traditional tavern with a marked flamenco style in its decoration and furniture.


Of wood, glass and forge; it have the mission of isolate from the external and internal noise and to take control of the access thanks to the double front doors and a lateral service door.

Bar and back room

Flamenco decoration, where we can find more than 150 original photos of the people who stand out in the last 50 years of flamenco history. Some of them has an high historical value.
Also it has been recovered decorative elements that already was in this place like forged iron rafters of the mid XIX century, old bottles, chests, casks and other bullfighting and wine related elements that complete the upper decoration of the bar.

Wine lounge

It's been decorated with photos from the begin of the XX century that reflect the wine elaboration, also there are different collections of old wine labels where highlight a special edition of Sánchez Romate wine cellar of the mid of the XX century.

Accesibility for phisically disabled

The local satisfies with all the normatives related to the accesibility for phisical disabled. The inclination and dimensión of the ramp at the main door and the bathroom equipment and dimensions have been adecuated for this purpose.

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