Cádiz and flamenco

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La Cava en Cádiz

The province of Cádiz, privilege for the fans of flamenco singing, dancing and guitar, is of a must visit, an artistic expression of Andalusia.

This land, place born of many flamenco songs of "alegrías", "peteneras", "tanguillos", "cantiñas", "mirabrás", "bulería", "romeras", and where born the "tangos", a place where born and live great flamenco singers, dancers and guitarrists. The flamenco legacy is a cultural, social and esthetic element bound to the festivities that take place in clubs, flamenco bars and societies that has involved in its expansion.

Cádiz saw the born of flamenco singers like Enrique el Mellizo, Pericón de Cádiz, el Beni, Chano Lobato, Rancapino y many other big names of this city.